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How Much Is My Home Worth?

If you are considering selling your property, it is natural for you to want to know its current market value.

The best way to find out is to have NuVision Real Estate LLC conduct a thorough and extensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). We provide a free CMA service for every client who lists their property with us - learn more here.

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is how we definitively evaluate the monetary value of your home, or other type property, within its unique geographic market area. Our CMA assesses properties that are currently on the market as well as those comparables that have recently sold. We also factor in current local, regional and national economic trends along with the state of the property's current physical condition (and that of the surrounding neighborhood).

The ultimate purpose of the CMA is to determine what the maximum possible sales price your property will yield ... while still insuring it is price competitive and realistically positioned on the open market.

Remember, if the price we list is too high, your property will simply squat on the market producing little or no interest, and thus few, if any, offers. At the same time, if the price is too low, you will likely receive immediate offers, but unnecessarily lose money as a result.

FYI: Professional appraisals and reliance on programs like Zillow and eppraisal (see below) are not particularly precise, sometimes unreliable and often do not reflect current market conditions and competing properties that are currently on the market. That is why a CMA is so important and valuable.

While we absolutely cannot guarantee the true accuracy and precision of the results, you may wish to immediately get a snapshot of your property's value using this on-line calculator Eppraisal below: 

Let Us Help You Figure It Out

If you are interested in receiving a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and possibly listing your property with us for sale, please let us know using this simple, on-click form. Contact Us

Are You A First Time Home Buyer?

If you have never purchased real estate before ... congratulations!
You are about to embark upon one of the traditional rites of passage in American Life ...

Purchasing your first property is NOT as intimidating, or scary, as many people make it out to be. Like any first time endeavor, the more you can educate yourself upfront on the topic while simultaneously accumulating solid, accurate information from people directly involved in the real estate markets, the better equipped and more at ease you will become with the process. 
We cannot possibly cover all the potential educational and academic fundamentals for first time home buying on this website. What we can and will do is get you pointed in the most coherent, factual and helpful directions possible (see below).
  After you have educated yourself adequately, sense you are prepared to take the next step and feel led to entrust your first real estate transaction with a professional Realtor, we hope you will remember this website, and give us a call at 256-735-4774. We will be massively happy to expertly guide you through every step of the real estate buying process ... all the way to successfully owning your first home! 
If you prefer on-line contact, you can also contact us via text at the above number, e-mail us at, or message us on Facebook
NUVISION Real Estate Firm

TIP #1: 

S - L - O - W - D - O - W - N     R - E - L - A - X
Every first time home buyer we've met is understandably excited, ready-to-roll and motivated to get on with buying their first house - pronto.
Ambition, enthusiasm and velocity are all good things. They can really make a real estate transaction move along. These things can also end you up in a sh*h*le money pit that you'll regret owning.
In real estate, speed doesn't kill ... it just makes you miss obvious stuff (only obvious in slow motion replay after the fact, of course). Proceeding too rapidly, or with only partially revealed facts, can get you into deep financial trouble and often into a superficially appealing property that upon closer review (or after living in it for a few weeks) is actually total crap. 

We use some of the above wording not to be crude, but to get your full attention.

The best advice we can give you is S - L - O - W - D - O - W - N, R - E - L - A - X. Backing off the gas a little, educating yourself thoroughly about basic real estate, absorbing valuable insights from experienced real estate owning people and partnering with a REALTOR that knows their stuff will keep you out of trouble.
NUVISION Real Estate Firm

TIP #1: 

Next, we recommend that you give ample thought to exactly what you need and want in a property. That may sound easy ... but there is quite a bit to think about.

Like with any journey, if you do not have a final destination in mind, you may travel aimlessly. Here is a straightforward 'Home Buyers Wish List' designed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - you can download it and get started here.

NUVISION Real Estate Firm

TIP #3: 

Next up is figuring out about the money part of the process: budgets, expenses, credit ratings, down payments, escrow, mortgages, points, insurance, taxes, PMI, closing costs, etc...

An in-depth education on the monetary and financial aspects of a real restate transaction is beyond the scope of this website. With that said, we can definitely get you started in the correct direction.

First, here is a really nice, thorough publication called 'Looking For The Best Mortgage' designed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - you can download it and begin educating yourself here. 

Second, consider this article called 'Pros and Cons of First-Time Homebuyer Mortgages' by Angela Colley. 

Finally, you may want to study and internalize this short, but 100% right-on cheat sheet: The Top 20 Tips For First Time Home Buyers.

NUVISION Real Estate Firm

TIP #4: 

While you are studying, learning and maturing in your real estate acumen, there is no better way to test out your burgeoning skill set that to try it all out in the real world.

Thus, it's time to start looking at real world properties and assessing their merits through the lens of your increasing understanding.

Figuring Out Your Finances ...

Purchasing real estate may be the single largest purchase you will ever make in your life. If you are like most people, you will be financing the majority of the property's cost using a mortgage.
While we think everyone should have the opportunity to own their own property, we are also realistic and conservative in advising our home buyers on how much to spend. Spending too much on real estate can leave you financially vulnerable AND potentially take away income from other important things in life like day-to-day expenses, entertainment, vacations, college funds, retirement, etc.

Below we have an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use calculation tool that will allow you to "Figure Out Your Finances". You will be able to play out in real-time many different monetary scenarios that influence your finances generally as well as specifically for your best advantage when it comes to purchasing real estate. Mortgage Calculator
Some of the scenarios you can start to evaluate immediately are:

How Much Income Do I Need To Qualify To Buy This House?

Should I Rent or Should I Buy?

Affordability Calculator

Tax Benefit Calculator 

Important notes:

What Is the REAL Annual Percentage Rate On My Loan?

What If I Pay More On My Mortgage Each Month?

Monthly Mortgage Payments Versus Bi-Weekly Payments

My Actual Payment Per Thousand Financed

Should I Pay Points At Closing To Reduce My Interest Rate?

Which Mortgage Loan Is Better? 

How Long Will It Take to Pay-off My Credit Cards With Minimum Payments?

How Can I Pay Off My Credit Card as Sooner? 

Real Estate Documents

If you have been a part of a real estate transaction before, you are well aware of the amazing amount of documents and clerical activity involved.

It is no exaggeration that there is "a piece of paper for everything".

Most of the paperwork appears at the final closing. Nonetheless, some of the documents may be valuable to you well before closing. Chances are good that if you have arrived on this web page, you were directed here by one of our NuVision agents.

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